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Signs of The Times...

Like most industries these days, the sign business has evolved. Most "Full service" sign companies now rely on the same vendors to provide signage. Meaning they don't actually make anything in house. Instead, they price out projects then receive pre-fabbed signage in their "shop" and then send out a crew for installation. Maintaining a shop for this service is a waste of overhead which simply gets passed along to the customer in the form of 107% to 147% markups on materials along with additional charges for truck mileage and installation labor. As a small business consultant, I found myself constantly at odds with the constant over-charging and insanely unreasonable rates for signage. 


We have limited options to purchase signage in the Roaring Fork Valley. As in independent Sign Design & Production service, Veracity Space is committed to providing signage more efficiently and less expensive than our competitors. When all is said and done, you'll end up with a better product at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will work to reduce cost and make changes as necessary throughout the process.


Veracity Space works with a network of independent like-minded designers who are locals and care about the local business community. We value the local business community as our neighbors and friends and work together to provide quality design, product and service. All told, I am 100% confident that Veracity Space can provide you with the best signage product at the lowest possible price.


Please contact me directly at 970-618-4306 or use the contact form below if you have questions and/or specific needs. Hopefully this info helps in your decision making process. I look forward to taking care of your signage needs!

Sincerely yours,

Chris Karol

President - Veracity Space LLC

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